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One vest Two look Paris

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Fashion Blogger – Sorana Nistor

Ok, so… who in their right mind isn’t the biggest fan of blazer and blazer vests?! It is a pretty recent trend but for sure it’s one of my favorite. A nice, good quality vest can make a difference and with this piece you can easily transition from day to evening. You can wear it with skirts, shorts, jeans, capris, tank tops, shirts and blouses… amazing, I know.


I love this vest because you can rock a look anywhere you go. You can be super professional at work, if your job doesn’t require a uniform so you need to have a stash of them hanging in your closet, or, you can be stylish and sophisticated going out just for a coffee.

My vest is from Mangata, an European online shop with premium outfits, they have everything from clothes to shoes and bags and I am overexcited to be able to wear this piece!


One vest Two look Paris Sorana Nistor fashion blogger

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